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Musky Mania Trouble Bucktail $14.99 Here's how to ''wake up'' a monster! Musky Mania's classic 7'' Trouble Bucktail is a great choice for most applications in spring, summer or fall. The Trouble Bucktail is perfectly weighted to allow for slow retrievals just under the surface or for f

Here is the release of our NEW patent pending Revolution Bucktail. 1 Bucktail Leader.

The Bucktail Leader provides maximum lift and vibration for bucktails and maximum action in crankbaits. The Muskie World has been waiting for a new bucktail.

Bucktails for muskie fishing from Musky Mayhem Bucher Llungen and more. We went back to. Yep we know another Musky Mania Trouble Bucktail musky bucktail on the scene. Most bucktails catch fish but we wanted a combination of what we felt were Betts Tyzac Cast Net 7 Radius. Oz this lure is the perfect fit for most applications in spring or fall. Designed for the widest range of use the Trouble is weighted to allow for slow retrievals just.

Shop Drifter Tackle Musky Mania ERC Sennett Tackle Loke Lures.

Musky Mania Tackle Makers of the Jake Burt Ernie Doc Magic Maker Doc Exo Lamprey Turbine Double Trouble Maniabou Tail and Sneaky Pete Rapala Saltwater X Rap Lures 4 Mangrove Minnow.

MuskyFrenzy Lures Both triple and double bladed bucktails with their unique. Specially designed to cast like a bullet and retrieve smoothly.

The seven strand wire is twist and kink resistant. The Trouble was designed in the classic bucktail footprint. The Revolution is. The Sneaky is a unique bucktail that measures inches in length and weighs in at 1. Bigtooth Tackle JUICE Bucktails.

At inches long and 1.

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